Different Job Opportunities at Crown Consult Co for the TBC Project in Riyadh KSA

job opportunities at Crown Consult Co for the TBC Project in Riyadh, which involves building inspection and construction supervision. Below, I’ll provide a brief overview of the job positions you’ve listed along with typical job descriptions and responsibilities:

Project Controls & Contracts, Senior Manager:

  • Job Description: Oversee project controls, contracts management, and financial aspects of the project.
  • Responsibilities: Manage project budgets, contracts, procurement, and financial reporting. Ensure compliance with project timelines and budgets.

Portfolio Manager:

  • Job Description: Responsible for managing a portfolio of construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Oversee project planning, execution, and delivery. Ensure alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

Project Manager:

  • Job Description: Lead and manage specific construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Coordinate all project activities, from planning to completion, including scheduling, budgeting, and stakeholder communication.

HSE Officer, HSE Supervisor and HSE Manager Jobs in NEOM

Construction Manager:

  • Job Description: Supervise on-site construction activities.
  • Responsibilities: Ensure construction progress, quality, safety, and adherence to project specifications and timelines.

Planning Engineer:

  • Job Description: Develop project schedules and plans.
  • Responsibilities: Monitor project progress, identify delays, and propose corrective actions to keep projects on track.

Mechanical Engineer:

  • Job Description: Focus on mechanical systems within construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Design, analyze, and oversee mechanical systems to ensure functionality and efficiency.

Neom Jobs, QC, Safety, Environmental, Medical, Engineers, IT, Electrician, Welder and Workers.

QA/QC Engineer:

  • Job Description: Ensure quality and compliance with project standards.
  • Responsibilities: Implement quality control and quality assurance measures, conduct inspections, and maintain documentation.

Civil Engineer:

  • Job Description: Manage civil engineering aspects of construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Oversee the design, construction, and maintenance of civil infrastructure.

Architect Engineer:

  • Job Description: Focus on architectural aspects of construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Design and coordinate architectural elements, ensuring they meet project requirements and codes.

Electrical Engineer:

  • Job Description: Manage electrical systems within construction projects.
  • Responsibilities: Design, install, and oversee electrical systems to ensure safety and functionality.

Sr. Quantity Surveyor:

  • Job Description: Manage cost estimation and control for the project.
  • Responsibilities: Prepare and review cost estimates, track project expenses, and manage budgets.

Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Diploma Holder, Electrician, Mechanics, Welder Steel Fixer and Mason Jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Quantity Surveyor:

  • Job Description: Assist in cost estimation and control.
  • Responsibilities: Support senior quantity surveyors in cost-related tasks, including budgeting and cost tracking.

Safety Engineer/Safety Officer:

  • Job Description: Ensure a safe working environment on the construction site.
  • Responsibilities: Implement safety protocols, conduct safety audits, and promote safety awareness among workers.

Arch/Civil Inspector, Elec. Inspector, Mech. Inspector:

  • Job Description: Inspect and ensure compliance with architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical standards.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct inspections, report issues, and verify adherence to project specifications.

Document Controller:

  • Job Description: Manage project documentation and records.
  • Responsibilities: Organize, categorize, and distribute project documents to relevant stakeholders.

Candidates interested in these positions should submit their updated CVs, indicating whether the provided salary is acceptable (inclusive of basic, housing, and transport), along with their SCE certificate. If the salary is not acceptable, candidates should specify their minimum expected salary. Additionally, candidates should be available on no more than one month’s notice.

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