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QC Inspector (Quality Control Inspector):

  • Responsible for inspecting and ensuring the quality of products or processes.
  • Conducts quality checks, audits, and tests to meet quality standards.

HSE Manager (Health, Safety, and Environment Manager):

  • Oversees health, safety, and environmental policies and programs.
  • Develops and implements safety procedures to ensure a safe work environment.

HSE Engineer (Health, Safety, and Environment Engineer):

  • Designs and implements safety and environmental systems.
  • Conducts risk assessments and recommends safety improvements.

HSE Officer (Health, Safety, and Environment Officer):

  • Assists in implementing health, safety, and environmental policies.
  • Conducts safety inspections and reports hazards.

Safety Officer, Technicians and Marketing and Sales Engineer Jobs

HSE Inspector (Health, Safety, and Environment Inspector):

  • Conducts safety inspections and audits.
  • Ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Welfare Officer:

  • Focuses on the well-being of employees.
  • Manages employee welfare programs and support services.

Technical Engineer:

  • Provides technical expertise and support for engineering projects.
  • Ensures technical specifications are met.


  • Provides medical care in emergency situations.
  • Administers first aid and assesses patient conditions.


  • Offers medical care and assistance to employees.
  • Monitors health and provides medical advice.

Driver – Ambulance:

  • Operates an ambulance to transport patients to medical facilities.
  • Ensures safe and timely transportation.

Tool Operator:

  • Operates various tools and equipment in a skilled manner.
  • Performs tasks requiring precision and accuracy.

Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Diploma Holder, Electrician, Mechanics, Welder Steel Fixer and Mason Jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Driver – Articulated Truck:

  • Drives large articulated trucks for transportation.
  • Ensures the safe delivery of goods.

Drivers Leader:

  • Leads a team of drivers.
  • Coordinates schedules and routes.

Fuel Truck Driver:

  • Drives fuel trucks to deliver fuel to designated locations.
  • Follows safety protocols for handling hazardous materials.

Environmental Manager:

  • Manages environmental policies and programs.
  • Ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

Environmental Engineer:

  • Focuses on environmental engineering projects.
  • Designs and implements solutions to environmental challenges.

Environmental Officer:

  • Assists in environmental compliance and reporting.
  • Monitors and mitigates environmental risks.

Mobile Crane Operator:

  • Operates mobile cranes for lifting and moving heavy objects.
  • Ensures safety during crane operations.

Hi-Up Crane Operator:

  • Operates hi-up (cherry picker) cranes for aerial work.
  • Performs tasks at elevated heights.

Safety Officer, Civil Foreman, Steel Fixers, Mason, Carpenter, Civil Supervisors, Surveyor and Civil QA/QC Jobs


  • Lubricates machinery and equipment to prevent wear and tear.
  • Maintains proper equipment functioning.

Shotcrete Pump Operator:

  • Operates shotcrete pump machines for construction.
  • Applies shotcrete to surfaces as required.


  • Keeps track of goods and materials in a warehouse.
  • Records inventory and manages stock levels.

Electrical Technician (Foreman):

  • Leads a team of electrical technicians.
  • Supervises electrical projects and maintenance.

Geotechnical Manager:

  • Manages geotechnical engineering projects.
  • Oversees soil and foundation investigations.

Geotechnical Engineer:

  • Specializes in geotechnical engineering.
  • Conducts soil testing and foundation analysis.

Shift Engineer (Tunnel):

  • Manages engineering operations during specific shifts.
  • Ensures tunnel construction progress and safety.

Blasting Expert:

  • Specializes in explosive blasting techniques.
  • Coordinates controlled explosions for construction or mining.

Red Sea Project Jobs, Engineers, Safety and Surveyors

Blasting Supervisor (Night Shift):

  • Supervises blasting operations during night shifts.
  • Ensures safety and efficiency.


  • Installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems.
  • Ensures electrical safety and compliance.

Equipment Supervisor:

  • Supervises equipment maintenance and operation.
  • Manages equipment maintenance teams.

Equipment In Charge:

  • Oversees equipment management and maintenance.
  • Ensures equipment availability and reliability.

Design Manager:

  • Manages design projects and teams.
  • Ensures design specifications are met.

Design Engineer:

  • Focuses on product or project design.
  • Creates technical design plans and drawings.

Project Manager:

  • Manages and oversees project execution.
  • Coordinates teams, budgets, and timelines.

Tunnel & Excavation Manager:

  • Manages tunnel and excavation projects.
  • Ensures safety and project completion.

Tunnel & Excavation Engineers:

  • Engineers specializing in tunnel and excavation projects.
  • Design and oversee construction in subsurface environments.

Maintenance Technician:

  • Performs maintenance and repair tasks on machinery.
  • Ensures equipment operates smoothly.

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  • Repairs and troubleshoots equipment and machinery.
  • Fixes mechanical issues.


  • Performs welding tasks to join metals.
  • Ensures strong and durable welds.

Vehicle Electrical Technician:

  • Specializes in vehicle electrical systems.
  • Repairs and maintains vehicle electronics.

Maintenance Worker:

  • Performs general maintenance tasks.
  • Maintains facilities, equipment, and grounds.


  • Assists surveyors and engineers with measurements and equipment.
  • Helps with data collection during fieldwork.

Facilities Supervisor:

  • Oversees the maintenance and operation of facilities.
  • Manages facility staff and resources.


  • Manages information technology systems and support.
  • Ensures the integrity and security of IT infrastructure.

Administrative Specialist and Administrative Assistant

Security Officer:

  • Provides security and protection for premises and personnel.
  • Monitors access and enforces security protocols.


  • Performs cleaning duties to maintain cleanliness.
  • Keeps work areas and facilities tidy.

Jumbo Operator:

  • Operates jumbo drilling machines in mining or construction.
  • Drills holes for blasting or excavation purposes.

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