Safety Officer, Civil Foreman, Steel Fixers, Mason, Carpenter, Civil Supervisors, Surveyor and Civil QA/QC Jobs

Safety Officer, Civil Foreman, Steel Fixers, Mason, Carpenter, Civil Supervisors, Surveyor, Procurement Officer, Scaffolder and Civil QA/QC Jobs in Saudi Arabia

  1. Carpenter (20 nos):
    • Responsible for constructing, installing, and repairing structures made of wood and other materials.
    • Utilizes various hand and power tools to measure, cut, and shape materials.
  2. Civil Foreman (4 nos):
    • Supervises and coordinates construction activities at the site.
    • Ensures that work is completed on time, within budget, and according to project specifications.
  3. Mason (10 nos):
  4. Scaffolder (10 nos):
    • Assembles and disassembles scaffolding structures to provide safe working platforms for other construction workers.
  5. Steel Fixers (20 nos):
    • Install and secure steel bars or mesh used in reinforced concrete structures.
    • Follow engineering plans to position and tie steel reinforcement.
  6. Civil Supervisors (6 nos):
    • Oversee the daily activities of construction workers, ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently and safely.
    • Coordinate with project managers and foremen.
  7. Surveyor (1 nos):
    • Conducts land surveys to measure and map the area, providing critical data for construction projects.
    • Uses surveying instruments and software.
  8. Warehouse & Materials (2 nos):
    • Manages the storage and distribution of construction materials.
    • Maintains inventory records and ensures materials are readily available for the construction team.
  9. Civil QA/QC (6 nos):
    • Ensures quality control and quality assurance procedures are followed during construction.
    • Inspects work to verify compliance with project specifications and industry standards.
  10. Procurement Officer (1 nos):
    • Responsible for sourcing and purchasing materials and equipment required for construction projects.
    • Negotiates with suppliers to obtain the best prices and terms.
  11. Safety Officer (7 nos):
    • Focuses on promoting a safe work environment.
    • Develops and enforces safety policies, conducts safety training, and investigates accidents/incidents.

Different Jobs in NEOM Project KSA

Each of these positions plays a crucial role in the construction industry, contributing to the successful completion of projects while maintaining safety and quality standards.

2 years Long project

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