Urgent Requirements 2023 For Saudi Based Company

A Saudi based Company have urgent requirement for a below Positions, to join our team in Saudi Arabia. This is an exciting opportunity for a talented individual to excel in a fast-paced and rewarding work environment.

Male Nurse:

  • Job Description: Provide medical care, first aid, and health-related support to employees at the workplace.
  • Responsibilities: Administer basic healthcare, respond to emergencies, maintain medical records, and promote employee well-being.

Safety Coach:

  • Job Description: Ensure adherence to safety protocols and regulations within the organization.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct safety training, inspections, risk assessments, and promote a safety-conscious culture among employees.

Equipment Coordinator:

  • Job Description: Manage and oversee the allocation and maintenance of equipment and machinery.
  • Responsibilities: Monitor equipment inventory, schedule maintenance, and coordinate equipment usage among various departments.

Electrical Inspector:

  • Job Description: Inspect electrical systems and equipment to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.
  • Responsibilities: Perform electrical inspections, document findings, and recommend necessary repairs or improvements.

NEOM Jobs Saudi Arabia 2023

Mechanical Inspector:

  • Job Description: Inspect mechanical systems and equipment for safety and functionality.
  • Responsibilities: Conduct mechanical inspections, report defects, and recommend maintenance or replacements.

Scaffolding Coordinator:

  • Job Description: Coordinate the setup and usage of scaffolding structures on construction sites.
  • Responsibilities: Ensure scaffolding compliance with safety standards, oversee erection and dismantling, and schedule inspections.

Insulation Coordinator:

  • Job Description: Coordinate insulation activities for projects, ensuring proper materials and techniques are used.
  • Responsibilities: Plan insulation work, inspect installations, and ensure insulation meets project requirements.

Painting Coordinator:

  • Job Description: Coordinate painting activities, including surface preparation and application of coatings.
  • Responsibilities: Schedule painting tasks, inspect work quality, and ensure compliance with specifications.

Safety Officer, Technicians and Marketing and Sales Engineer Jobs


  • Job Description: Operate and maintain machining equipment to fabricate and repair parts.
  • Responsibilities: Machine parts to precise specifications, perform routine maintenance, and troubleshoot equipment issues.

Permit Receiver:

  • Job Description: Obtain necessary permits and clearances for specific job tasks.
  • Responsibilities: Ensure compliance with permit requirements, communicate permit conditions to workers, and monitor permit expiration.

Neom Jobs, QC, Safety, Environmental, Medical, Engineers, IT, Electrician, Welder and Workers.

Fire Watch:

  • Job Description: Provide fire safety support during hot work activities.
  • Responsibilities: Monitor the work area for fire hazards, maintain firefighting equipment, and respond to emergencies.

Warehouse Assistant:

  • Job Description: Assist in the management of warehouse operations, including inventory control and order processing.
  • Responsibilities: Receive and ship goods, organize inventory, and maintain a clean and organized warehouse.

Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia Duration: 3 months

To apply, please send your CV and certificates via email or WhatsApp to:

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +966547613176

Please ensure that you meet the qualifications and requirements for the specific position you are interested in before applying. Good luck with your application!

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